Fiona begrüßt euch zu ihren einzigartigen Yogastunden

Yin & Flow yoga, with critical alignment elements

Monday Basic Yin-Vinyasa Flow

Starting from relaxation and moving into a steady flow practice to build strength, stability and inner balance.

* Good for those who wish to have a manageable challenge, and are learning the foundations of a flow practice.

Monday from 19:30 - 20:45pm

8 week course (17.10 - 12.12)

Friday Flow  

A fun dynamic mixed level class which meets the needs of the group.

Black strip or roll work, combined with Sun Salutation elements. 

Friday from 9:00 - 10:15am 

8 week course (21.10 - 16.12)

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  • Online 8-week course €119 (€12,50/lesson)

  • Online 6-week course €89,25 (€12,50/lesson)

  • Online single lesson €17,8

  • --------------------------------------

  • In-person 8-week course €147,56 (€15,50/lesson)

  • In-person 6-week course €110,67 (€15,50/lesson)

  • In-person single lesson €19,04

  • --------------------------------------

  • Recorded lesson €7,14/lesson

  • Early bird lesson €6/lesson

  • Selected payment amount - if you wish to contribute a different amount, please let me know